Waiata tawhito, waiata hou, waiata o naianei.

We are Rongowhakaata. We are brave, innovative and daring. From Te Kōwhai to Pouawa, the whenua flows through our veins.

‘Te Putunga o te Hinu’ literally means the oozing of fat. This line is taken from the iconic ancestral lullaby ‘Pōpō’. A song about nourishment, succession and future.

It is the story of a crying child that is hungry for food. She is fed bountifully by the
abundance that surrounds her. An ocean of kūmara and kōrero.

An apt metaphor that depicts human yearning for place, purpose and identity.

Knowing who you are is transformative. Imagine being inspired and incited with wisdoms that can only be unlocked by connecting your whakapapa to this whenua. The art of rediscovery is a journey we must all take at one point in our lives.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this important body of work. To Sir. Derek Lardelli, Kenzy Hotene, Soraya Pohatu, The Hokianga whānau, Tawera Tahuri, Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell, John Porter, Kirsten Maynard, Patrice Tipoki, Teina Moetara, Taonga Tangaere and Haley Hakaraia, we acknowledge and salute you for helping us keep our trailblazing narratives alive.

To all our whanaunga . This is for you. A collection of memories and moments that will inspire you to rediscover your own abundance, much like how a child discovers theirs for the first time.

Pōpō has stood the test of time, plague and digitalisation. Here to remind us about how rich we actually are.

Te pou a hao kai

Let us be the abundance that we strive to become. In our first episode we explore the idea of abundance, succession and future through the eyes of Tā Derek Lardelli. 

The exemplar of excellence is obviously Raharuhi Rukupō and Te Waaka Perohuka, the ability to take a pākeha tool, a chisel and carve a Māori tipuna and revolutionise something at a time where there was total change happening around them was a stroke of brilliance

– Tā Derek Ladelli

He Ingoa ano

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